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2 h (with intermission) | Scena na Woli im. T. Łomnickiego

This is the story of the legendary bear, Voytek, in Tadeusz Słobodzianek’s contemporary interpretation. It follows the hardships of young soldiers of different creeds and nationalities through the eyes of an animal. Voytek accompanies the protagonists on their battle route from Iran to Italy. He engages in battle at Monte Cassino and ends up with the men in a refugee camp.
In depicting the fate of a lost generation, the play attempts to verify the meaning of the words ‘patriotism’ and ‘nation,’ ‘friendship’ and ‘solidarity.’ “How strange that the presence of a bear among people should give rise to questions of what is human in animal behaviour and what is animal in human behaviour,” muses Ondrej Spišák.

Appropriate for audiences over 13 years of age.

PREMIERE May 6, 2016, T. Łomnicki Stage in Wola

fot. Katarzyna Chmura


Ondrej Spišák
scenography, costumes
Szilárd Boraros
II director
Ewa Słobodzianek
dance: Anna Iberszer
Piotr Łabonarski 
vocal consultations
Aleksanda Troczyńska
wrestling consultations
Ksawery Bidermann
instrumental consultations
Rafał Oryńczak
production manager
Rafał Łukasz Renner


Michał Piela (featuring) Voytek The Bear
Otar Saralidze Kosma
Eryk Kulm (featuring) / Kamil Szklany Maks
Kamil Pruban (featuring) Terlecki
Kamil Mróz (featuring) Grynberg
Marek Gawroński (featuring) Little
Kamil Siegmund Skwara
Sebastian Skoczeń Antoniuk