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2h (with intermission) | Scena im. G. Holoubka

The richest woman on Earth, the seven times married and divorced leopardess arrives at her home town where trains do not stop and unemployment has beaten the record. Everyone’s expecting pots of money. But Claire Zachanassian is driven by revenge for her banishment and the humiliation she had been exposed to and her child’s death. She can fulfil the townfolks’ expectations providing they commit murder. Are they ready to pay such a prize? This is a story with elements of horror, comedy and reportage on crime. Like Medea in Greek mythology or Black Mamba in Tarantino’s film, Claire subordinates her life to getting even. Using the classical theme, Dürrenmatt shows us the workings of temptation and poses a question just how far the pursuit for money can be taken.

PREMIERE September 30, 2016, G. Holubek Stage

Performances with English supertitles are available only on selected dates. Seats from which English supertitles are visible: stalls, rows 7-15.

fot. photos from the performance: Katarzyna Chmura, poster photo: Maksymilian Rigamonti


Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski
Irena & Egon Naganowscy
scenography, costumes
Aneta Suskiewicz
Piotr Łabonarski
Anita Wach
lighting director
Mikołaj Jaroszewicz
production manager
Rafał Łukasz Renner
director's assistant
Agata Zdziebłowska
costume designer assistant
Aleksandra Harasimowicz


Halina Łabonarska Klara
Adam Ferency Alfred Ill
Mariusz Drężek Her husbands VII, VIII, IX
[Władysław Kowalski] / Stanisław Brudny (featuring) / Janusz R. Nowicki Boby/Chamberlain and Klara's Valet
Łukasz Wójcik / Kamil Siegmund Toby/Ruffian and Klara's bodyguard
Mariusz Wojciechowski Koby/Blind man
Małgorzata Niemirska Mrs. Ill, his wife
Anna Szymańczyk  Ill's daughter
Janusz R. Nowicki / Henryk Niebudek Mayor
Łukasz Lewandowski Teacher
[Andrzej Blumenfeld] / Tomasz Budyta Rector
Zdzisław Wardejn (featuring) / Zbigniew Dziduch Policeman
Waldemar Barwiński Inhabitant I
Małgorzata Rożniatowska Inhabitant II
Robert T. Majewski Inhabitant III, Doctor
Anna Gajewska Inhabitant IV
Maciej Wyczański Sekwestrator/Zakrystian/Mayor's assistant
Krzysztof Szczepaniak / Marcin Stępniak Train manager/Journalist I
Mateusz Weber Conductor/Journalist II


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