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2h 30min (with intermission) | Scena na Woli im. T. Łomnickiego

Based on the true story of a priest philosopher who finds out he is not who he thinks he is. In search of his true identity, he begins to acutely feel how different and other he is in a world that seems to increasingly require a distinct definition of one’s ancestry, ethnicity and faith. His attempts to reconcile his uniqueness send him on a fast-paced and humorous journey of unexpected adventures, despite the underlying tragedy of his discovery.

With Łukasz Lewandowski as Jacob; Małgorzata Rożniatowska, Izabela Dąbrowska, Magdalena Smalara and Zbigniew Dziduch as a typical Polish family; Magdalena Czerwińska, Marta Król, Marcin Sztabiński and Otar Saralidze as a Jewish family.

Ondrej Spišák directs, continuing his more than fifteen year collaboration with Tadeusz Słobodzianek. Their joint productions, including “Nasza klasa” (Our Class), “Malambo”, “Merlin. Inna historia” (Merlin. A Different Story), “Prorok Ilja” (The Prophet Ilya), “Młody Stalin” (Young Stalin) and “Niedźwiedź Wojtek” (Voytek the Bear) have won numerous awards and enjoy the recognition of audiences both in Poland and abroad.

The performance is intended for viewers over 15 years of age.

PREMIERE March 17, 2017, T. Łomnicki Stage in Wola

Performances with English supertitles are available only on selected dates. Seats from which English supertitles are visible: rows 7-13.

Tobacco products are used during the performance.

fot. photos from the performance: Katarzyna Chmura, poster photo: Katarzyna Chmura


Ondrej Spišák
Szilárd Boraros
costume design cooperation
Aneta Suskiewicz
Piotr Łabonarski
lighting director
Andrzej Król
II director
Anna Gryszkówna
vocal consultations
Małgorzata Hauschild
stage movement
Anna Iberszer
production manager
Rafał Łukasz Renner 


Łukasz Lewandowski Marian/Jacob
Małgorzata Rożniatowska Mother/Hostess/Sister Genowefa/Aunt Chaja
Izabela Dąbrowska (featuring) / Magdalena Smalara (featuring) Stefa/Accountant/Sister Judith
Zbigniew Dziduch Father/Rector/'Father Rector
Magdalena Czerwińska / Marta Król Teacher/Hania/Official's Wife/Nina/Sister Nela/Dina/Inez/Mother
Marcin Sztabiński Vice-Rector/Official/Bishop/Archbishop of Paris/Uncle Noam/Rabbi/Father
Otar Saralidze Józek/Curate/Esbek/Sister Anna/Cousin Cwi/Abram/Brother Daniel/Samuel