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1h 15min (no intermission) | Scena Przodownik

Three women and him. To Julia – bland; to Elka – ideal; to Nina – lost. A love wanderer on a helpless roam in quest for an ideal. A narcissist who uses women as mirrors. Or maybe he’s just a pretext to describe them? Feminist and keen Julia, naïve but aware of her femininity Elka and disappointed with her marriage Nina. All involved in relations and emotions.

“The Man” is a story about passions and egoism, about love and loyalty. A subtle and deep study in interpersonal relations, tremendously showed by Zapolska.

PREMIERE March 15, 2018, Przodownik Stage

Tobacco products are used during the performance.

fot. photos from the performance: Katarzyna Chmura, poster photo: Katarzyna Chmura


Anna Gryszkówna
scenography, costumes, light engineering
Anna Skupień i Katarzyna Szczurowska
Andrzej Perkman
costume designer’s cooperation
Małgorzata Mech


Krzysztof Ogłoza (featuring)   Karol
Małgorzata Klara (featuring) / Anna Gryszkówna (featuring)  Nina
Agata Wątróbska  Julka
Karolina Charkiewicz  Elka