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Tadeusz Słobodzianek


3H 45MIN (2 intermissions) | Mała scena

In small smoke filled apartments, at cafe tables over tea and Turkish coffee, whilst vodka and wine flow freely, riveting conversations on the essence of theatre unfold. What is behind the phenomenon of the most recognised theatre artists in the twentieth century? How did they become reformers? When a student surpasses his master, a legend is born, and when fundamental questions fall on fertile ground, artistic revolution begins.
In The Art of Intonation, Tadeusz Słobodzianek goes deep behind the scenes and draws inspiration from theatre history in order to tell a story about a genius and how great ideas come to life, but also about human weakness and humdrum reality. Audiences will be amused by fresh references to key players in the formation of twentieth century theatre, who continue to be a stimulus for theatre makers to this day. The Art of Intonation is actually two of Słobodzianek’s latest plays in one: The Art of Intonation and The Return of Orpheus.


fot. zdj. plakatowe: Weronika Łucjan-Grabowska, fot. ze spektaklu: Krzysztof Bieliński


Anna Wieczur
scenografia i kostiumy
Marta Śniosek-Masacz
Ignacy Zalewski
Paulina Góral



Adam Ferency Mistrz
Łukasz Lewandowski Uczeń/Jerzyk
Modest Ruciński Tadeusz
Marcin Sztabiński Ludwik
Anna Moskal Asystentka
Barbara Garstka (gościnnie) Pielęgniarka/kelnerka


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