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Tadeusz Różewicz


1h 40min (NO INTERMISSION) | Mała scena

Franz cannot find a place for himself in the banality of everyday life. Helplessly attempting to break free from his despotic father and uncertain in his relationships with women, he is in constant conflict with the idea of being an artist and the desire to start a family, between exercising independence and burdening others with important decision making. The choices he does make only concern his one great love: writing. What price will Franz and his loved ones pay for these bids to free himself from uncertainty?
The Trap was inspired by Tadeusz Różewicz’s interest in the life and work of a major twentieth century artist — Franz Kafka.

PREMIERA 12 listopada 2021 r., Mała Scena

fot. poster photo: Weronika Łucjan-Grabowska, photos from the performance: Krzysztof Bieliński


Wojciech Urbański
scenography, costumes
Joanna Zemanek
Wojciech Urbański (Rysy)
lighting direction
Paulina Góral
Stanisław Zaleski
directior’s assistant
Barbara Ojrzeńska