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1h 35min (no intermission) | Duża Scena

A story about maturing to freedom, love and not accepting mediocrity. Towards the end of the 1960s, a Warsaw high school senior falls in love with his French teacher. In order to get closer to Madame, he launches a secret mission to find out as much as possible about her. What he learns will change his life and influence the choices he makes in the future.
A play from the oft awarded theatre duo, Maria Wojtyszko and Jakub Krofta. The artists have long enjoyed creating theatre for young audiences, approaching difficult subject matter with equally healthy doses of wisdom and humour.

PREMIERE July 7,2012, T. Łomnicki Stage in Wola

Tobacco products are used during the performance.

fot. photos from the performance: Marta Ankiersztejn, poster photo: Weronika Łucjan-Grabowska


Jakub Krofta
Maria Wojtyszko
Joanna Zemanek
light engineer
Andrzej Król
Magdalena Górfińska
Bartłomiej Woźniak, Łukasz Borowiecki/Michał Jaros, Paweł Żejmo
choreography consultant
Anna Iberszer
french consultant
Julia Kolberger
director’s assistant
Ewa Piórek


Waldemar Barwiński The hero
Agnieszka Wosińska Madame/Klara/Mother
Mateusz Weber The gemcutter/Docent Dołowy/Inspector/The policeman
Michał Klawiter Rożek Goltz/Young Konstanty
Kamil Siegmund Fąfel/The clerk/Maksymilian/The second passenger
Karolina Charkiewicz Agnieszka Wąsik/The clerk/Piano teacher/The passenger/Dean’s office secretary/The office secretary
Agata Różycka Lucy/Lady from the derpatment/The second clerk/Passenger/The secretary
Robert T. Majewski The tapeworm/Jerzyk/Francois Janvier
Henryk Niebudek (featuring) / Stanisław Brudny (featuring) / Zdzisław Wardejn (featuring) Konstanty/The apparitor/Passenger/Picasso

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