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1h 40min (no intermission) | Scena Przodownik

2 billion seconds
33 million minutes
555 thousand hours
23 thousand days
63 years
Human life lasts approximately this long. Perhaps even slightly longer these days. Given the fact that we, the creators of this play, have already experienced our first billion seconds, we have started with a question.
The ultimate question of life, the universe and everything, to which the supercomputer in Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy gave the answer, “42.”
We discussed the meaning of life. We behaved as if we were sitting in the kitchen at a party at three in the morning. We (mis)quoted holy writings, philosophers, Russian literature, Hollywood films and shows about Einstein from Discovery Channel. It is hard to say if we got anywhere. We tried. Nevertheless, this is what our play is about: how in our childhood, we all went to church and now only a few of us still do; what we believe in and what we don’t know how to believe; what we are counting on; our fears; our hopes; our thoughts and what we would rather not think about. What we feel when look up into a starry sky: whether it was worth it to come into this world just to see it. For perhaps, “best of all for mortal beings is never to have been born at all.”

PREMIERE December 28, Przodownik Stage

fot. Katarzyna Chmura


Jakub Kasprzak
Adam Drozdowski
Norbert Sosik i Adam Karol Drozdowski (Studio Dom Otwarty)


Olimpia Bogusz
Anna Przygoda
Julia Sacharczuk