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1h 40min | Scena na Woli im. T. Łomnickiego

Sometimes you need to get up and leave, leaving everything behind. Sometimes we feel that we should not postpone changes any longer because otherwise we will solidify like a museum piece. The heroine of the play has found herself exactly in such a situation. The news about the inevitable death of her father makes Harper decide to meet him one last time. She quits her job without telling her daughter and husband anything about her departure. The trip will turn out to be the adventure of her life, forcing her to ask questions about the most important things: love; loyalty towards her loved ones; and her own place in the world.

The play by Simon Stephens (the author of "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time") talks about the strength of a spiritual awakening and about the objection to common desperation, without a shadow of didacticism.