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Samuel Beckett


1h 45min (with intermission) | Mała scena

Winnie's happy day is a jumble of completely absurd events and absent-mindedly repeated rituals which make up the meaning of her life. As all this slowly begins to pile up on her, she becomes afraid—she begins to suffocate in the surrealistic mound in which she will soon be fully buried.

PREMIERE, 16 October 2008

fot. Stefan Okołowicz


translation and directing
Antoni Libera
Ewa Starowieyska
director’s assistant
Barbara Zając
scenographer’s assistant
Anna Maria Klikowicz
sound production
Dariusz Kamiński 
light engineer
Tomasz Burzyński
scenography consulting
Małgorzata Grabowska-Kozera


Maja Komorowska (featuring) Winnie
Adam Ferency

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