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Molier/ Bergman


1h 25min | Scena Przodownik

Him. The greatest heartbreaker of all time, with heart constantly in flight. Intelligent sensation-seeking man with a natural tendency to submit to everything which attracts him. He seduces, beguiles, lies and sins. He just kidnapped Donna Elvira from a monastery and yet he’s planning a new quarry and erotic hooliganisms: kidnapping a woman who’s in love with another man and seducing Charlotte and Mathurine, blooming peasants. Will this godless person be brave enough to face Death?

The performance combines the famous Molier’s lover with Ingmar Bergman’s movie, hence the motives of unfaithfulness, love anguish and doubt of metaphysical order which perfectly complement each other. Movie narrative and usage of puppets creates a new context.

In agreement with Josef Weinbergert Limited, London by courtesy of Ingmar Bergman Foundation



Marcin Bartnikowski
Marcin Bartnikowski, Marcin Bikowski
Marcin Bikowski
Ewa Woźniak
Anna Świętochowska
production manager
Natalia Mołodowiec


Irena Jun Death / The Critic
Marcin Bikowski Don Juan
Marcin Bartnikowski Sganarel / Bergman 
Natalia Sakowicz The Actress (Elvira, Charlotte)
Bartosz Budny The Actor (Peter, Mathurine, Don Carlos) 

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