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1h 30min (no intermission) | Mała scena

You see a man crying. How does it make you feel? What comes to mind when you pass a man sobbing on the street? And do you ever come across such men? Male tears are rarely displayed in public; they seem to be a scarce commodity. But what about private tears? Can they serve as the foundation for a theatrical narrative?
"Boys Cry" is not just the title of the play, navigating between a spoiler and an obvious statement; it is also a message that needs to be reiterated as frequently as possible. Male tears exist. Furthermore, we all need them. As a society, we need men who can express their emotions.
That is why we aim to look closely at those moments when we attempt, both in front of ourselves and others, to deny the existence of male tears. We want to explore the reasons behind these denials. We want to examine those dams of fear, discomfort, shame, rigidity, and clenched teeth that grow between the cause to cry, the stimulus to cry, and the flowing tears.
We also seek to collectively search for cracks in those dams. An emotional gathering among men does not have to conform to stereotypes of drinking session or competition. It can be an exchange of experiences, an opportunity to regard one another with understanding and acceptance of weaknesses, failures, and, at times, even personal catastrophes. It is a chance to uncover new depths of sensitivity necessary for living—and, on occasion, necessary to salvage lives.

PREMIERE march 23, 2023, Small Stage

Show 08-09-2023 is presented during The Generation After Showcase. Get in touch: [email protected]

fot. poster: Agata Baumgart, fot. Sisi Cecylia


text and direction
Michał Buszewicz
set design and costumes
Doris Nawrot
Katarzyna Sikora
light design
Aleksandr Prowaliński
Michał Dobrucki
assistant director
Jowita Mazurkiewicz
assistant set designer
Olga Ciężkowska
stage manager / prompter
Barbara Ojrzeńska


Waldemar Barwiński
Robert T. Majewski
Henryk Niebudek (guest appearance)
Mateusz Górski (guest appearance) / Piotr Siwkiewicz / Michał Balicki (guest appearance)
Paweł Tomaszewski
Karol Wróblewski

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