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Ewa Mikuła, Sławomir Narloch


| Scena Przodownik

God’s Creature is the story of a young parish priest ministering to a small rural community. We get to know our protagonist through the people who come to him for confession.
The confessional meetings reveal the problems the priest is facing: loneliness, doubt about his faith, issues concerning his sexuality and a past not come to terms with. The priest and his interlocutors create a community of people lost in their own biographies. Through the lattice of the confessional we get a glimpse at their heroic battles and petty secrets. Meanwhile the end of the world looms over the village. How will our heroes fare on Judgement Day?
The play originated within the framework of the New Epiphanies Lab.

PREMIERE MARCH 6, 2020, Przodownik Stage

fot. zdj. ze spektaklu: Marta Ankiersztejn dla Centrum Myśli JP2


director, text, lighting director
Sławomir Narloch
text and dramaturgy
Ewa Mikuła
Aleksandra Gąsior
Jakub Gawlik


Natalia Kaja Chmielewska
Jakub Gawlik
Michał Pawlik
Maciej Zuchowicz

Jakub Gawlik
Patryk Makowski
Kamil Pasikowski
Kajetan Skoneczny