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Peter Shaffer


| Duża Scena

It is the Age of Enlightenment. Antonio Salieri is at the peak of his career composing for the Habsburg court. Dubbing himself, “The greatest musician in a city of musicians,” he enjoys the privileges of fame and revels in an environment conducive to creating. Then, twenty-six-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrives in Vienna. A child prodigy whose work is known throughout Europe — concertos composed at age four, symphonies at age five, and his first opera at fourteen. This frivolous, lewd and incorrigible genius meets the ambitious and influential Salieri.
It becomes a breakthrough moment for both. Mozart composes his greatest works at the emperor’s court: The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute and finally Requiem. Salieri, however, cannot accept that this ribald fool is the recipient of such a unique gift from God, rendering him immortal and Salieri merely respectable. He’ll do anything to cause the young man’s downfall.
A tribute to music, creativity, and the uncompromising pursuit of absolute beauty. This passionate production performed with a live orchestra, singers and dramatic actors will leave an unforgettable impression.

PREMIERE 8 July 2022, G. Holoubek Stage

fot. poster photo: Weronika Łucjan-Grabowska, photos from the performance: Krzysztof Bieliński


Maciej Stroiński
Anna Wieczur
musical direction
Jacek Laszczkowski
Maks Mac
Martyna Kander
lighting direction
Paulina Góral
Stanisław Zaleski
stage movement
Anna Iberszer
directress's assistant
Emilia Bilińska
set designer’s assistant
Karolina Bramowicz


Adam Ferency Salieri
Marcin Hycnar (featuring) Mozart
Barbara Garstka (featuring) Konstancja
Modest Ruciński Cesarz
Karol Wróblewski Von Strack
Maciej Wyczański Rosenberg
Zbigniew Dziduch (featuring) Van Svieten
Łukasz Lewandowski, Sławomir Grzymkowski Venticelli
Agata Różycka Teresa Salieri
Marta Huptas (featuring) / Justyna Bujak (featuring) Katherina
Konrad Szymański Kucharz, Służący
Kamil Szklany Lokaj, Służący
Henryk Niebudek Kappelmeister Bonno

with orchestra and soloists


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